About Me

I'm Khurshed Hasan. Website design /development & SEO should have perfect collaboration. On one side, website is a reflection of business brand/image & online customer representative, while on the other side,SEO is significant as it makes business brand more visible- means more organic traffic & more opportunities to convert visitors into customers. So, both work together for making a successful business and attract more visitors to web site. It's really interesting & inspired me to became a freelance front-end & back-end web developer & an SEO professional specialising in keyword research, competitor analysis, website audit & backlink analysis having more than four years of experince. Apart from these, I have the expertise on Wordpress theme development,Electrical Drawing with AutoCAD & excel Macro Programming , Power Transformer

Educational Qualification

1. Graduate Electrical & Electronic Engineer.
2. Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Major in Finance.

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