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Need an e-commerce website/app of similar design/ template ?

Description :

 Hi, Greetings,

Do you want an e-commerce website /app for your business? I have developed an e-commerce website/app for my client &  URL of the site below:  


Please visit the site. If you require that type of design, contact me.

At a glance at the website : (

Technology used :

1. React.js, react-bootstrap for the client-side  (website).

2. Laravel framework for the server-side.

3. Mysql for database.

Features :

A. Single Page Application ( SPA )

B.  Progressive Web Application (PWA) for faster loading, lesser data using, smaller Android & IOS App size, improved performance.

C.  Admin Dashboard

  1. Bar graph, line chart, Pie chart  2. Visitor information details 3. Add/Edit category, subcategory 4. Add/Edit Product List 5. Add/Edit  Video 6. Customer order 7. Sales information 8. Add customer Review 9. Add Notification 10. Customer  Information 11. Dashboard users level etc

D. REST API for client application

E. Laravel -react scaffolding for Dashboard

F. Pure react client application

G. Android App (Directly from PWA feature).

H IOS APP (Directly from PWA feature).

I User Login with One Time Password (OTP)  by sending to user Email Id

J Linking  Social network with FontAwesome Icons

 & more


If require, pl. contact me through 'Contact' menu or direct Email to :

Full Stack Web Development ( Front-end & Back-end)

Description :

Do you want to build a responsive, personal/business, SEO-friendly, dynamic website (both front end & back end)? I am a full-stack web developer with more than 5 years of experience. Please contact me & share your expecting website layout plan before placing the order. I need your plan for convenience or will assist if needed .

What are my services :
1. Single Page Application (SPA) by react.js (if required)
2. Custom layout to responsive HTML, CSS
3. REST API, Language option
4. OTP /verification code through user email.
5. Customized Dashboard ( for Backend operation)
6. Slide show, Navigation Menu Bar, Logo, search
7. Social Media Icons(link to the Fontawesome) for Navigation
8. W3C markup validated webpage.
9. SEO friendly
10. Content upload

Technology/Skills to be used :
1. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
2. Js, Jquery
3. react.js, react-bootstrap ( if SPA)
4. PHP, Mysql
5. Laravel framework, REST API
6. react-laravel scaffolding (if SPA)
7. Ps

Why Choose Me?
1. My prior aim is a long-term relationship.
2. Full customer satisfaction.
3. Timely delivery.
4. Sincere support after delivery.

*** Please feel free to contact me.

Front-end Responsive Web Development

Description :

       Do you want to build a responsive, personal/business, SEO friendly website? I am a front end & back end web developer with more than 4 years of experience. Please contact me & share your expecting website layout plan before placing the order. I need your plan for convenience or will assist if needed.

   What are my services:

   **PSD to responsive HTML, CSS

   **Custom layout to responsive HTML, CSS

   **Effects like hiding, show, toggle with Jquery.

   **Slide show, Navigation Menu Bar, Logo

   **Social Media Icons(link to the Fontawesome) for Navigation

   **W3C markup validated webpage.

   **SEO friendly

   **Content upload (if)

  Why Choose Me?

   **My prior aim is a long term relationship.

   **Full customer satisfaction.

   **Timely delivery.

   **Sincere support after delivery.


 *** Please feel free to contact me.

SEO Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Description :

Are you looking for profitable keywords for your topic or content and effectively optimizing your website? Competitors are a goldmine of information that can inform every aspect of SEO strategy and help to skyrocket the website’s organic traffic. Apart from suitable keywords, so you should also analyze competitors to find their strength and weakness, what type of content works best in your niche, who links to them and stack up against the competitor, 

I have expertise in SEO Keyword and competitor analysis, audit for having more than four years.


What I will provide for you?

  •  Revenue generating keywords relevant to your niche.

  • LSI KWs for your content.

  • A detailed report containing the data regarding search volume, CPC, KD, etc along with comments

  • High volume and low KD KWs

  • Competitor's strength and weakness analysis for finding your opportunity.  

  • Competitor's top-ranking KWs.


Why you choose me?

  • You will get service as per your desire

  • My motive is long term relationship

  • Timely delivery

  • Sincere support after-sales

What Do I Need To Start 

  • Your Niche /Topic details

  • Target Country


Please feel free to contact me.

I will do Technical SEO , Fix Errors, and Website Audit

Description :


    Technical SEO is the first step to rank your website in the SERP. Google Search Console is the tool through which your website has to be indexed first & set up other issues. It helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website.  

   My Services :

  1. Setup Google Search Console

  2. Setup Google Analytics

  3. robots.txt

  4. Create and submit the XML sitemap

  5. Setup 404 Error (Not Found)

  6. Redirect & fixing redirect errors

  7. No-index by robots.txt

  8. No-index by robots meta tag

  9. Canonicalize or 301 redirects.

  10. Fix crawling issues

  11. Fixing other errors

  12. Site Audit & finding issues related to SEO

 Why Choose me :

   ** My prior aim is a long term relationship.

   ** Full client satisfaction.

   ** Honest & Effective customer support.

   ** Quick response.

   ** Timely delivery.

** Please Contact Me Before Placing an ORDER


I will build Dynamic Forms and Scripts for Webpage using PHP, MySQL, JQuery, HTML

Description :


       Do you want to integrate different dynamic forms like registration, login, password recovery, password modification, or contact form into your existing webpage or want to convert your static website into dynamic by inserting the dynamic forms as mentioned above ?  I'll serve you as per your intention. As a front end and back end web developer, I will build forms using HTML, CSS, and create scripts to make the forms dynamic using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript as per your requirement.

    My Services :

    ** Forms like Registration, Login, Pass Recovery, Pass Change, Contact form.

    ** Form Validation both from the front end (jQuery) and back end side (PHP).

    ** Verification code for Robot test.

    ** Email sending option for the user after form submission.

    ** Remember Me box to save form data.

    ** Effects like hiding/show/toggle using JQuery.

    ** Script install /integration.

    Why Choose Me?

    ** Long term relationship is my prior aim.

    ** Full customer satisfaction.

    ** Timely delivery.

    **Sincere support after delivery.

** Pl. feel free to Contact Me before an ORDER as we need prior discussion.

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