A. Web Development

1. Front end web Development :

Building a responsive,professional, SEO friendly webpage┃Design Customization┃SPA With React ┃ PSD to HTML ┃Navigation┃Slide┃Social Media Icons┃Content Upload(if)┃ Cross-Browser Compatible!

2. Landing page Development :

Opt-In Form┃Auto response to visitor through mail ┃Cross-Browser Compatible┃As per order.

3. Back end web Development :

Building responsive,multi-functional webpage┃ Featurs like registration,login with third party (API),Admin Dashboard with Laravel,password recovery,auto mail, data collection using form etc

4. WordPress :

Theme development┃ PSD to Wordpress┃ Customization.

B. AutoCAD

Electrical drawing with AutoCAD ┃Load calculation┃Cable size & conduit design.


1. Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis :

Profitable, effective keywords as per niche┃ High volume┃ Low KD ┃LSI keywords┃Detail report with comments┃Competitors strength & weakness┃ Competitors ranked keywords.

2. SEO Audit :

Technical audit┃On-page audit┃Server log audit.

3. Back link Analysis :

Domain authority┃Broken links┃Competitors back links┃Do follow,No follw link.

D. VBA / Macro

Excel macro programming.

E. Power Transformer

Transformer fault analysis┃ Production plan.

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